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pdfFactory Pro 2.3

Creates PDF documents from all kind of sources through its virtual printer
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The name of “Factory” could sound a little out of proportions until you get to know this awesome application to do everything you need to do in the PDF documents “neighborhood”, from creation tasks passing by to edition tasks and including security related tasks.
Let's see a quick lists of its most remarkable functions and features:

Create PDF or print to paper: In other similar softwares applications, if you want to create a PDF file and have a paper copy as well, you have to go through the printing process twice. With pdfFactory Pro there's no need to do that since it supports a simultaneous printing task. Besides, there's no need of Acrobat Reader installed.
Combines multiple documents into a single PDF: When you need to join information from diverse sources into a single PDF document, this merging tool will come in handy. Just send to print all the documents you want to join and pdfFactory will do the rest.
Preview: This feature is not that common to see in other pdf creation tools. You can get a preview of the document you are about to create including a 400% zoom.
Security: Encryption features available includind the access permissions in the printing, copying, opening and editing cathegories.
Font embedding: This is real cool. No matter who is will be seeing your documents or what kind of PC will be displaying them, they will see the exact font you wanted them to, because of this feature.
Page insertion and deletion: On the creation process this feature provides you with a filter ability like tool. You can eiter delete or insert material to you PDF document.
Send via email: A standard nowadays, you can send a document via email just by clicking on it and selecting the correct option.
AutoSave: pdfFactory will save the work sessions automatically so you can retrieve previous compilation as needed.
All you will see after installing the deskPDF is one more printer under the name “pdfFactory”. From there, by clicking the right mouse button, you can access to the device's configurations as it was a regular phisical printer. So, how do we create a PDF document? Well, you just create a document from any application you are used to work with and then just send the document to print through the pdfFactory virtual printer. A pop-up window will show you the option you can set for your new PDF file.

Since it's a professional tool its price is a little higher than other similar options. You get a single user license for 99,95 dollars.

Juan Morán
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  • System integrated application.
  • High quality results.
  • Competitive features


  • More expensive than other options.
  • Many setting to do.
  • Only English supported
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